The Value of Collaboration

At TetherView, we understand the value of collaboration. By becoming our partner, you’ll be presented with unique opportunities to assist in the delivery of custom private clouds that meet the individual needs of clients. Our clients expect the best, and we aim to be the best. We seek out partners who can be a part of our vision, offering exceptional solutions to client companies. Our private clouds also enable our clients to become completely compliant, letting their employees access their files through virtual desktops any place, on any device and on any connection. As a partner what could be better?

If your vision matches ours, become a partner today.

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What’s in it for our partners?

Authorized TetherView Partners receive a suite of tailored & comprehensive solutions designed to exceed expectations and provide a stellar collaboration experience.
  • Lead Generation

    Assess, identify and cultivate relationships with prospective clients

  • In-Depth Training

    Build competence, confidence and credibility with our solutions

  • Campaign Development

    Create, launch and manage customized marketing campaigns

  • Revenue Opportunities

    TetherView partners can accrue multiple revenue streams

  • Sales Support

    Receive marketing collateral, sales data and tech support

From Our Clients
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