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The Frictionless Cloud is inspired by a simple principle: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” [Albert Einstein].
not impeded by or creating friction; smooth.
As our clients work towards accomplishing their missions, technology should not be a roadblock or a friction point.
TetherView the creator of the Frictionless Cloud™, will transform the existing legacy IT infrastructure into a new state of the art environment that will allow businesses to use technology as a tool to deliver the mission.
By minimizing  IT Footprint we will maintain an agile/nimble structure that will enable new technology quickly and effectively.
The creation of a custom private cloud hosted and managed by TetherView will:

  • Never Separate Users From Data
  • Eliminate dependency on single points of failure such as: physical computers, specific locations, or specific internet connection
  • Include Security, Patching, Compliance, Backup, and DR
  • Provide Flat Predictable Pricing
  • Be built with the best of breed enterprise systems

In 2014

Industry expert, Michael Abboud set out to change the way we use the cloud.
His creation, TetherView, operates out of the cutting-edge data centers that harness best of breed technology.
At TetherView, we believe that IT shouldn’t be a distraction or a burden. Our goal is to optimize your infrastructure so your IT team can focus on innovation. We’re here to keep data secure and accessible, all while ensuring the highest levels of compliance.
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