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Evolving with technology.

We are living in a time of unprecedented technological advancement.
The world is changing rapidly, creating a wealth of opportunities, but also creating a great deal of challenges. The paradigm is already shifting. Big clunky servers, high powered desktops, and hundreds of complicated passwords are becoming unnecessary. At TetherView, we strive to take the guesswork out of where you’re going. We go above and beyond offering a comprehensive solution that embraces the New Technology Curve.

The Difference Factor

At TetherView we believe “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”. We have created a secure, compliant and unique frictionless turn-key solution to re-imagine the way companies structure their IT.


TetherView consolidates the best technology to deliver high-performance Virtual Desktops and Servers.

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Committed to 100% satisfaction. Contract and billing do not start until the client has signed off on user acceptance testing.

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100% US based. We employ engineers for every part of our infrastructure. Each engineer is dedicated to each environment.


Our flat rate pricing is straight forward & easy to understand. We believe in complete financial transparency.

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We include everything you need to safely, securely and efficiently build your complete & customized Digital Bunker™.

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Our partner program offers white-labeled solutions, billing options, no setup fees, and marketing / sales support.

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The Digital Bunker™

Our systems are easy to set up, fully compliant, and highly scalable.

TetherView's fully managed virtual desktops and servers offers military-grade security and compliance. All of our virtual desktops and servers are designed to improve computing performance, as well as radically improving employee productivity.

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TetherView's BYOD tool uses our industry-leading end-user computing (EUC) technologies to help your team deliver and manage any application on any device—simply and securely.

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TetherView's file sharing and collaboration tool enables organizations to seamlessly share documents. Files and folders can be shared either as an attachment or a link inside/outside of your network-- making collaboration faster, easier and more secure.

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At TetherView, we believe in straightforward, flat-rate pricing. That way you know exactly what to expect year-in and year-out. We believe in complete financial transparency; our invoices are only a few line items, not 10-page documents.

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Trust in TetherView
Tomorrow’s solution built for today.

As a business leader, you should be 100% focused on growing your company. Let the professionals at TetherView create a truly comprehensive solution that minimizes the number of moving pieces in your organization’s IT architecture. We focus on keeping your data accessible and secure, ensuring you are safe from the cyber-threats of today and tomorrow.

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