Secure Your Data With Highly Reliable & Effective Cloud Desktops

All companies have data that can be monetized by criminal elements.  Customer and employee data has terrific value on the digital black market of personal data and can be resold for any number of nefarious purposes.

Protect Your Data

Your data is your lifeblood. Keep your data secure and protected with daily backups to multiple secure servers, multi-factor authentication, and a sign on model that ensures you see everything and everyone going in and out of your company’s network.

Save Money

Companies who don’t secure their data are extremely vulnerable to cyber criminals. A cyber security hack can cause:

  • Lost Revenue

  • Loss of customer confidence

  • Loss in market value

  • Increase in costs due to lawsuits, scrambling to protect customer data and possible ransoms demanded from the attacker(s)

  • Loss associated with stolen proprietary information of intellectual property

Access all of your data from any location and on any device without compromising your security. 

The Digital Bunker is your bunker in the cloud. Grow and scale your business safely and freely while adapting a remote-first approach to how your company and it’s employees’ achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

The best part about the Digital Bunker is that you will have enterprise level security, expansive storage and memory space, as well as 24/7 support and a team that does the IT-related heavy-lifting for you.

Use Cases

Big Data Analytics

Run all of your big data applications on the latest technology. Ensuring high performance and simplified management.

Business Critical Apps

Consider all of your critical IT challenges solved. Lower costs while elevating your organization’s level of performance.


Access everything in a fully managed private cloud through our highly secured virtual desktops.


Get faster insights and field growth as quickly as you need to when you host your databases on the Digital Bunker.

End User Computing

Bring your users to the data and reduce your IT footprint with single-sign on and multi-factor authentication.

Remote and Branch Office

Run your entire business on one platform — The Digital Bunker– from any location and and any device.


Accounting and Law

Architecture and Design

Call Centers



Information Tech

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