Pandemic Playbook: Securely shifting to a remote work place.

According to Roberta Witty, a Gartner Analyst, a pandemic is an operational risk that must be managed at the highest levels of the organization because it cuts across every department and location in which the organization operates.
As we face the current Corona Virus Pandemic “remote work is no longer a matter of convenience or economic efficiency” – Alex Konanykhin CEO of TransparentBusiness. 
With more and more people evacuating their work space the time to initiate a contingency plan to enable remote workers is apparent. However, with employees now working across a variety of network connections, devices, and accessing/sharing pertinent data in an insecure manner your company’s data is now at a HUGE risk.
TetherView’s Digital Bunker™ is the quintessential tool for keeping your business and people safe duringa pandemic. As concerns continue to grow around SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (Coronavirus), enabling employees to securely & effectively work from home is a top priority.

Coronavirus has displaced +40% of the workforce.

Virus Spread2
The World Health Organization declared the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, acknowledging what has seemed clear for some time — the virus will likely spread to all countries on the globe.
Massive shifts in workplace policies are just beginning and may mark a sea change event for work culture, say workplace and HR experts tracking the global Coronavirus disease outbreak, medically known as COVID-19. So far, the virus has infected 300,000+ globally and resulted in thousands of deaths, according to the World Health Organization.
The pandemic is forcing many employers long leery of remote work to reverse course. The coronavirus has become a catalyst for many industries that have been reluctant to adapt flexible work arrangements

Let TetherView expedite your remote enablement strategy and keep your business secure.

Solutions & Deployment.

Virtual Desktops VDI
Enable your employees to access their data without having to worry about security impacts or compliance failures. Users can securely access segmented data from any device, connection, or location.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
A good Pandemic Preparedness plan recognizes that data security is tantamount to workforce safety. SSO allows the user to minimize the amount of passwords by strategically placing them around users and data.
Pocket Protector2
Mobile Device Management
From the C-suite executives to entry level employees–enable your workforce to work from any device or location and securely execute mission critical operations safely and seamlessly.
Virtual Desktops (VDI)
TetherView’s Standby Virtual Desktops (VDI) enable users to have access to their data from any device or location, without compromising a business’ security or compliance standards. At the core of each Digital Bunker is a Virtual Desktop. TetherView has created the first and only “Zero Trust” IT Infrastructure that combines the best of cloud technology while maintaining the security and control of a traditional on-premise environment. Additionally, our VDI’s enable IT teams to leverage access controls (monitoring, file management, etc.) while maintaining business continuity.
Pocket Protector™
Pocket Protector™ is considered one of TetherView’s crown jewels. Pocket Protector™ helps companies enable an effective BYOD policy that is secure and compliant.. Pocket Protector™ helps segment personal data from specifically defined corporate data on any mobile device or laptop. In a time when work from home is tantamount to safety, Pocket Protector™ enables all employees to access specifically segmented workloads across multiple devices, all from a single holistic platform.
Non-Disruptive Deployment
Our Virtual Desktops (VDI’s) on standby are always ready to perform. We continually create a copy of your daily desktop applications, files, data, email and business software without disrupting your mission critical business operations. Regardless, if you have already begun work from home initiatives or have yet to begin the process– our standby VDIs can be ready with the flip of a switch.

3 Focal Points.

  • Security


    The Digital Bunker solution is near-zero trust. No one gains access to your assets by default at any time. Instead, verification for all users across all entry points is required.

  • Compliance


    TetherView Private Clouds are built to the NIST/ISO Framework following the compliance requirements of NYSDFS 500 and GDPR or any other agreed-upon compliance standard.

  • Mobility


    TetherView Workspaces provide users with Virtual Desktops, Mobile Device Management (MDM), BYOD Management, Application Management, and File Management.

See how TetherView can comprehensively reform your IT infrastructure