Elevate Your Private Cloud Experience

Take advantage of the power, speed, security and flexibility of a private cloud. Our fully managed solution provides the benefit of cloud computing with the security and control of an on-premises IT infrastructure without the exorbitant costs. Leverage frictionless virtual desktop deployment that allows you to access your data from anywhere and on any device.

Take Advantage of the Power, Speed, Security and Flexibility of a Private Cloud

We do the hard work for you with our custom built, easily managed and fully supported infrastructure.
  • Rapid virtual desktop deployment and retirement allows you to scale your business in any direction with ease

  • Add additional resources as you need them

  • Meet regulatory compliance without worry

  • Have complete control over who and what goes in and out of your private cloud. 

Rule The Cloud With TetherView!

See How We Compare With Public Clouds and Self- Service Private Cloud Options



TetherView provides the best contract in the industry. After a client signs and provides a fully refundable deposit, together with our MSP partner TetherView will build the custom production environment for the end-user. Prior to going into production, if the client is not satisfied, the client may terminate the agreement and request a full refund of the deposit.