What’s included.

Virtual Desktops & Servers

RAM, CPU, Disk Space provided for all desktops and servers at a flat price

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Each no risk contract includes custom set-up implementation, and data migration

Operating System

Includes operating system licensing, patching & maintenance, group policy and active directory management

Collaboration Tools

Includes Sync our proprietary file sharing, collaboration and video conferencing tools

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Training & Support

Our US based support team offers end user & IT Technician training


Mobile application, PCoIP, RDP, & Browser connection protocol and USB, scanner & printer redirection


Our 'No Grumpy Customer Policy' includes performance guarantee, white glove service, and no charge until user acceptance testing

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Back Up & Continuity

Full hardware & data redundancy, snapshots of desktops & servers, offline encrypted backups and Hypervisor software & management.

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Our optional BYOD Solution enables your users to access company sensitive data from any device or connection-- securely and compliantly.

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A Solution Tailored for You.

Custom built to protect your business.

Tomorrow’s solution built for today.

The Digital Bunker™ is a fully compliant customized private cloud solution, featuring leading virtual desktop technology, cutting-edge IT security, and protection against the cyber threats of today & tomorrow.
  • Virtual Desktops

    Secure, compliant & custom built for high performance and optimized for increased productivity.

  • Virtual Servers

    Hosted and fully managed, with a customized, dedicated, and monitored firewall.

  • Standby VDI

    Activated in minutes to provide immediate access to all company files and prevent interruptions to normal business operations.

  • Sync™

    Our file sharing and collaboration tool enables employees to access & edit files from a singular secure location.

  • Pocket Protector™

    Our BYOD solution enables your company to move one step closer toward complete mobile & digital transformation.

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Security & Compliance.

TetherView Private Cloud solutions are the most comprehensive on the planet. TetherView provides businesses – Enterprise, Commercial, and SMB – with Managed Private Clouds, hosting them at two TetherView data centers in an active/active setup.
TetherView Private Clouds are built to the NIST/ISO Framework following the compliance requirements of NYSDFS 500 and GDPR and / or other agreed-upon compliance standard. Our data centers, UE, and solutions are all SSAE 16 and SOC 2 certified.
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Customized Protection.

  • Anti-Malware Protection
  • Segregated Firewall (each user)
  • VPN Configurations
  • Threat Intelligence & Monitoring

Personalized Data Security

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Geo-fencing
  • Reporting Alerts
  • Controlled Data Access & Viewing

24/7 – 365

  • US Based Support Team
  • 24/7 Security Operation Center
  • Threat Intelligence & Monitoring
  • Customized Security Reports

Sync and Pocker Protector Symbol Logos
Any Network, Anywhere, Anytime

  • Secure Remote Connectivity
  • Access Data from all Devices & Browsers
  • High Performance and Unlimited Profiles
  • Reduce Company Hardware Footprint

Virtual Desktops
Collaborate Effectively

  • Secure Internal & External File Access & Sharing
  • Singular Secure Location
  • Set Restrictions, Expiration Dates & Doc Encryption
  • Remote Access from any Device

Device Protection & Management

  • Password-less Access to all Applications
  • Data Security & Endpoint Complaint
  • Integrated Insights, App Analytics & Automation
  • ROI+ from Initial Set-up

Pocket Protector™


Your user experience is delivered via TetherView Workspace. TetherView Workspaces provide users with Virtual Desktops, Mobile Device Management (MDM), BYOD Management, Application Management, and File Management.
Workspace provides a broad range of access controls and includes true Single Sign-On for users. Our solution offers full Compliance, a premium User Experience, robust Security, and enhanced Mobility, all featuring cutting-edge technologies that meet the needs of tomorrow—today.

Flat rate pricing.

When it comes to IT costs, no company likes surprises. TetherView understands that pricing predictability is important to our clients, so we strive to provide the best in the industry. At TetherView, we believe in straightforward, flat-rate & predictable pricing.
We believe in complete financial transparency; our invoices are only a few line items, not 10-page documents filled with costs that are impossible to track. There is absolutely no commitment until your environment reaches production.

No Grumpy Customer Policy

Prior to going into production, if the client is not satisfied for any reason they may terminate the agreement and request a full refund of the deposit

Simplified Invoices

Our invoices are 2 to 4 line items. Not 20 or 40 pages. Simple, easy to follow details about your Digital Bunker™.

Client Satisfaction

We focus on providing the best possible experience and are devoted to complete financial transparency with each one of our clients


Cyber Attacks Prevented


Services Included


Digital Bunkers Deployed


Private Cloud VM's Hosted

See how TetherView can comprehensively reform your IT infrastructure