The Verkada Hack Was Not A Hack

"With a single breach, those scenes — and glimpses from more than 149,000 security cameras — were suddenly revealed to hackers, who had used high-level log-in credentials to access and plunder Verkada's vast camera network." - Washington Post . Last week's Verkada "hack" was not a hack. They...

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Water Plant Cyberattack

In a recent article for HelpNetSecurity, TetherView's CEO Michael Abboud discusses the recent Cyberattack on a water plant in Oldsmar Florida, as well as the cybersecurity challenges faced by local municipalities throughout the US.   Read the full article here Follow Helpnetsecurity on Twitter ...

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Mitigating Key Person Risk

Key Person Risk

Key Person Dependency Risk is the threat posed to an organization by a team’s over-reliance on one or a few individuals. Generally, this Key Person or Key People have sole custody over critical institutional knowledge, creativity, reputation or experience that makes them indispensable to the organization’s...

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Work Remote

How to successfully manage your remote team

Working from home has been technologically feasible for decades, but it has also come with its fair share of hurdles and roadblocks. Especially in regards to employee visibility, monitoring productivity, and holding the “remote worker” accountable for their work-related responsibilities. Managing remote employees and maintaining...

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Enabling Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact industries throughout the world, invest advisory and accounting firms have enabled employees to work remotely. While working from home may be nothing new to some, the realities of COVID have forced organizations to shift to a full-on work...

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Why WFH is Here to Stay

For the past 15 years, organizations have made a slow move towards enabling employees to work from home. One of the first enablement’s, was the 24/7 accessibility of laptops and cell phones. Workers were able to handle mission critical emails and calls—even on weekends. However,...

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Public Clouds: A Transparent Analysis

According to Gartner’s COVID-19 Resource Center, COVID-19 represents a classic business disruption. Many businesses are experiencing the negative impacts of the virus—forcing them to close shop or institute work from home policies. While business continuity and public cloud technology will not resolve every major problem...

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