Accounting firms lose money, clients and sleep when information security is compromised.

Pocket Protector’s award-winning data loss prevention (DLP) technology secures and protects your data while allowing you to work remotely without sacrificing flexibility. Pocket Protector’s mobile solutions are designed to allow you to do your job while fulfilling the highest cyber security standards.

Securely manage and protect your business and clients

Pocket Protector will minimize and even eliminate the risks of a breach, advanced malware infections, ransomware attacks, and other data leaks—all with the help of proprietary technology.

Reduce Endpoint Threats From Accessing Corporate Data

Corporate applications and data are not stored on employees’ devices helping ensure data security and the safety of your intellectual property from anywhere with any device

Eliminate The Use Of Public Cloud

No need for a public cloud or file share solution. When you use Pocket Protector SYNC is built in as a file sharing and collaboration tool hosted within your private cloud. Share and collaborate on file securely.

Save Money On Hardware, Telecom, and Device Training

TetherView’s simple contract and flat fee pricing structure provides clear price analysis and predictions down to the user level.

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Trust

TetherView protects both employer and employee with a BYOD model. Fully managed solution gives you the tools to deliver a secure, responsive mobile device experience for your employees.

Protect Your Accounting Firm’s Data

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Endpoint Management, Security and Compliance For Accountants

Protect your clients and practice by managing and securing all endpoints running Android, iOS and etc., any app–across diverse use cases and all from a single holistic platform.

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How Does Pocket Protector Work?

TetherView Pocket Protector™ uses our industry-leading end-user computing (EUC) technologies to help your team deliver and manage any application on any device—simply and securely.

Create Your Custom Environment

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Open Pocket Protector On Your Device

Work On The Go

Protecting Your Accounting Firm’s Data On Personal Devices

Control who can access what data when they need it

Configure specific policies to control applications

Protect corporate data on personal devices


Endpoint Management for all endpoints

TetherView’s Pocket Protector is an enterprise-grade end-to-end information security solution that leverages our industry-leading technologies to help your entire organization—today and tomorrow.

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TetherView UEM is an enterprise-grade end-to-end information security solution that leverages our industry-leading technologies to help your entire organization—today and tomorrow. It is designed to work hand-in-hand with any application running on any device; iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones, Tablets or Desktops. It offers you complete IT control as well as real-time visibility under most conditions. Our enterprise-grade encryption provides end user privacy and integrates seamlessly with your organization’s integrated security and risk management systems. This allows you to: Keep control over your data using a secure cloud data storage solution;
Take full advantage of privacy and control features such as end-to-end encryption and remote wipe capabilities;

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