OCEANPORT, N.J.June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TetherView, the creators of the Digital Bunker™, hosted the Third Annual TetherView Cyber Security Summit “Controlling IT Chaos in Post COVID-19 World” bringing together distinguished speakers from the FBI, Oppenheimer, Columbia University, Cyxtera (CFG), and Akamai (AKAM).


The Summit brought a unique perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing challenges it presents to business executives and communities.

Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and snowstorms often restrict, if not put a complete halt on, business operations – many times without warning. These outages and disruptions result in millions of dollars in cleanup and lost business.


Natural disasters matched with the myriad of cyberthreats, data breaches, human error and hardware malfunction only add to the possibility that a business will experience some type of costly outage or disruption. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute…Read More Here

Standby Virtual Desktops

As clients work towards accomplishing their missions, technology should not be a roadblock or a friction point.


TetherView the creator of the Frictionless Cloud, transforms the existing legacy IT infrastructure into a new state of the art environment that will allow businesses to use technology as a tool to deliver the mission… Read More Here

Founded in 2014 by industry expert Michael Abboud, TetherView revolutionizes cloud use by offering simple, affordable, and secure solutions. As more companies move their workforce to remote locations, TetherView’s Frictionless Cloud is designed to keep data secure and accessible while ensuring the highest levels of compliance–allowing IT teams to focus on innovation.


He hopes to put minds at ease while providing access and security that is vital to keep businesses safe and productive during this period of uncertainty…Read More Here

Multiple financial professionals review documents and working on multiple devices.

Long before the global pandemic, middle market businesses were unorganized and inefficient when it came to IT. They were not prepared for the next industrial revolution, let alone a health crisis that forced employees to shelter at home.


Looking at the current national situation, this massive shift in workplace policies is just the beginning—marking a sea change event for work culture… Read More Here

City Council meetings have moved online, as Bayonne copes with the COVID-19 pandemic. The move comes after Gov. Phil Murphy’s order last month for all residents to stay home unless travel is necessary.


The city council needed to find a way to continue to hold its meetings in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act as well as the stay-at-home order…. Read More Here

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact residents in Bayonne, some aspects of normal life continue, although not in a normal fashion.


On April 15, the Bayonne City Council met for its first official online meeting held via TetherView. During the mostly sleepy council meeting, one item on the agenda sparked intense discussions: tax abatements… Read More Here

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