Patient Care without Limits.

In today’s digital world, healthcare organizations are struggling to keep up with their IT needs. Security concerns and compliance requirements are complex, requiring specific expertise to address.
TetherView’s Digital Bunker™ is perfectly constructed to eliminate technology headaches so that healthcare professionals can provide patient care without limits. The solution is easy to implement and fully scalable, giving you access to enhanced infrastructure and solution capabilities, all with fair, flat pricing, and the flexibility you need to thrive.
Doctor reviewing an x-ray on a tablet.
A doctor with a clipboard looking at another doctor's iPad.

How we help.

As a leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, TetherView, provides the healthcare ecosystem (hospitals, medical offices, and clinics) with virtual computing environments that are secure, compliant, and capable of supporting a broad range of applications.
Our virtual computing environments can support any kind of electronic medical record (EMR) system and enable users to access it anywhere, anytime via desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, with our zero-trust approach, access is never granted by default, ensuring only those who should have access do.

EMR system access.

Our virtual standby desktops can be utilized for business continuity when an outage occurs. This provides the highest degree of certainty for operational uptime, preventing interruptions that can be detrimental to patient care.
The TetherView platform supports most healthcare regulations, including HIPAA. The Digital Bunker is SOC 2 TYPE 2 compliant to the NIST 800-171. Our solution outpaces options like AWS and Azure on the security front, ensuring our clients have the peace of mind they need even in highly regulated industries.
Stethoscope hanging on a tablet with patient's vitals.

Key takeaways.

  • Secure & Compliant

    • The Digital Bunker™ is near-zero trust, no one gains access to your assets by default at any time
    • Internal controls and documented services
    • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
    • Advanced Anti-Malware Protection (Network, Applications, Files)
    • AICPA SOC compliant data centers
    • HIPAA, FINRA, & NIST compliant

  • Business Continuity

    • Ge-Redundant data centers in an active / active set-up, ensuring uninterrupted backups
    • Standby Virtual Desktops immediate activation
    • Mitigate disaster recovery risk & ensure operational up-time
    • N+1 redundancy on everything from hardware to the electrical supply
    • Snapshots, back-ups and audits

  • Performance & Mobility

    • Virtual desktops can be used via any device enabling healthcare institutions to securely access patient information from any location
    • Operational flexibility
    • Cutting-edge technologies
    • EMR system & Medical application support
    • Seamless integration & Highly scalable
    • High compute and GPU

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