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When disaster strikes. We’re ready.

The TetherView Private Cloud is designed with multiple redundancies and fail-safes to mitigate against mother nature, man-made threats, and cybersecurity threats. As businesses strive to stay “always on”, TetherView developed a Business Continuity Solution with that in mind. Our Business Continuity Solution is non-disruptive and proven to work, ensuring you’re fully operational even in extreme circumstances .

The Frictionless Cloud.

The Smartest IT Solution.

Business Continuity

TetherView provides standby virtual desktops that are always ready to perform. Simply use any internet-connected device and access your TetherView Virtual Desktop. It’s ready to go and fully setup, including all of your applications, data, email, and business software.
Our all-inclusive pricing includes everything a business needs to protect its IT infrastructure. By utilizing TetherView Virtual Desktops and Servers, clients are not tied to any location, device, datacenter, or internet carrier.
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In a nutshell.

Built-In ROI

Affordable and more cost effective than your current Business Continuity Disaster Recovery solution


Our Virtual desktops work effectively over ethernet, cellular hotspots, and everything in between

Multiple Back-ups

Full hardware & data redundancy, snapshots of desktops & servers, offline encrypted backups and Hypervisor software & management

Peace of Mind

Your data never leaves our Geo-redundant data center nor sits on physical devices outside of the data center

The 3 focal points.

  • Security


    The Digital Bunker solution is near-zero trust. No one gains access to your assets by default at any time. Instead, verification for all users across all entry points is required.

  • Compliance


    TetherView Private Clouds are built to the NIST/ISO Framework following the compliance requirements of NYSDFS 500 and GDPR or any other agreed-upon compliance standard.

  • Mobility


    TetherView Workspaces provide users with Virtual Desktops, Mobile Device Management (MDM), BYOD Management, Application Management, and File Management.

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