Cloud Governance with gears inside of it for commanding cloud

Command your Cloud.

As companies ascend into public cloud, creating a governance model or policy becomes critical for keeping the entire organization on track. Cloud governance is a critical step in the successful implementation of public cloud, IaaS and PaaS platforms. TetherView is the solution for a mission critical governance strategy.

Access any Cloud.

Within a Single & Unified Roadmap.

Cloud Pitfalls.

As we meet and speak with hundreds of recently ascended businesses we’ve learned that companies are doing the following:
1. Spending a lot of money on Azure or AWS– or both
2. Spending even more money on hardware
3. Can not predict or control spending on Public Cloud
Different descriptions of Software, Infrastructure and Protection as a service for the cloud industry

The Problem.

These three key points create an expensive tech sprawl and make it virtually impossible for an organization to provide strategic direction, track performance, allocate resources, and make adjustments to ensure that organizational objectives are met, without breaching the parameters of risk tolerance or compliance obligations. Unfortunately, few companies can solve these issues effectively, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Solution.

We believe that companies need to adopt a hub-based (or bunker-based) mentality. The Digital Bunker™ inherently provides a cloud governance structure that enables organizations to access ANY cloud within a single, unified roadmap.
At TetherView, our goal is to standardize practices. Each Digital Bunker™ considers both the micro and macro levels of every companies cloud infrastructure to provide them with a seamless, centralized platform.
Regardless if companies’ are running a CoLo, mainframe, SaaS or PaaS– our services enable companies to worry less about all the moving parts associated with the cloud and focus on their core competencies.
The Digital Bunker™ key tenants for Cloud Governance are defined by the following:
1. Cost Management
2. Security & Compliance
3. Resource Consistency
4. Accessibility
5. Accelerated Deployment
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The 3 focal points.

  • Security


    The Digital Bunker solution is near-zero trust. No one gains access to your assets by default at any time. Instead, verification for all users across all entry points is required.

  • Compliance


    TetherView Private Clouds are built to the NIST/ISO Framework following the compliance requirements of NYSDFS 500 and GDPR or any other agreed-upon compliance standard.

  • Mobility


    TetherView Workspaces provide users with Virtual Desktops, Mobile Device Management (MDM), BYOD Management, Application Management, and File Management.

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